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2020 Tryouts


March 4 Clinic for 8U FP

6:00-7:00 2011s

7:00-8:00 2012s


March 7 Pre-Tryout Clinic

8U (2011s) 5:45-7:15

10U 6:45-8:30

12U 8-9:45


March 14 Tryout Date #1


10:15-12:45 Pitchers/Catchers (A-M)

10:30-12:45 Pitchers/Catchers (N-Z)

10:45-12:45 Utilities (A-M)

11:00-12:45 Utilies (N-Z)


11:45-2:15 Pitchers/Catchers (A-M)

12:00-2:15 Pitchers/Catchers (N-Z)

12:15-2:15 Utilities


March 21 Tryout Date #2


4:00-6:45 Pitchers/Catchers (A-M)

4:15-6:45 Pitchers/Catchers (N-Z)

4:30-6:45 Utilities (A-M)

4:45-6:45 Utilites (N-Z)


3:15-5:45 Pitchers/Cathers (A-M)

3:30-5:45 Pitchers/Catchers (N-Z)

3:45-5:45 Utilities


5:30-7:00 2011s only



8u (2011s ONLY)

10u/12u (All players)

Your daughter needs to attend only ONE tryout date.  If she attends both, we will take her best score.  If your daughter can attend both dates Tonka Fastpitch encourages that she attend both.  Tonka Fastpitch asks that the players arrive about 10-15 minutes early and enter the dome alone.  There are restrooms outside of the dome and suggest girls go prior to tryouts. 

Important: If your daughter is unable to make either tryout date, she will not be eligible for an A team.

2nd year 8U players are to go through the evaluation process for the following reasons.

1-Tonka Fasptich wants them to be prepared when they move up to 10U fastpitch

2-There has been discussion on if/how to use the data we receive from tryouts.  This will be communicated asap.



Once your daughter enters the dome, she will be greeted by the fastpitch uniform coordinator. Here, she will try on various sizes of uniform tops and it will be recorded.  After that, your daughter will receive a tryout number and be placed in a group of approximately 8 girls.  She will remain with that group throughout the entire tryout.  They will rotate through each station together, and they will end tryouts together.  At the end of each group’s tryout, they will be escorted to the restroom area and wait to be picked up.  Because girls will be exiting at various times, Tonka Fastpitch cannot guarantee that your daughter will be done at the time stated above.  Tonka Fastpitch will have volunteers to call parents if you are not there at the time your daughter is finished. 


What to Wear

Your player should be dressed in softball attire (pants, sliders, long socks, and gym shoes or cleats).  Please have your player refrain from wearing any clothing that suggests winter training (Vortex, TCFA, Waves, etc). This includes past fastpitch or slowpitch uniforms or shirts, and past tournament shirts.



It is the goal of Tonka Fastpitch to create a fun and relaxing atmosphere while allowing the evaluators to do their job.  Every attempt has been made to take subjectivity out of scoring.  Tonka Fastpitch has hired Flexx Softball to provide us with evaluators. Those evaluators will conduct professional, unbiased, and reliable evaluations.

During the tryouts, players will be evaluated on the following:

-Exit Velocity (bat speed)

-Hitting (off a machine)


-60’ Dash


-Infield (speed and accuracy)

-Arm Strength (how fast they throw the ball)

-Outfield (pop flies off of a machine)


Pitchers and Catchers

Pitchers and catchers will be evaluated on the following:

-Pitching (speed, accuracy, and pitch variety)

-Catching (receiving, blocking, bunt coverage, throwing, and pop time)


We often hear, “I’m afraid to have my daughter tryout as a pitcher and/or catcher because she probably won’t make a higher team.”  If your daughter enjoys being a pitcher and/or catcher, why would you want to take that away?   


Tonka Fastpitch highly encourages all 12U players to continue honing their passion to pitch and/or catch.  Do not fear the B team!  Many Division I players were B team players because that provided them more time to refine skillsets at those specialty positions.  It is often seen that C team players during their first year of 12U played on the A team during their second year of 12U.


Tonka Fastpitch has made the decision that if your daughter does not tryout as a pitcher and/or catcher, she is not guaranteed any time at these positions during the season (rare exceptions may include incidents such as injury, illness, or absence of a specialty player).  For example, if your daughter is a catcher but she decided not to be placed on a team as a catcher, she will not catch.  Tonka Fastpitch asks that you not pressure the coach to give your daughter time behind the plate.


Tonka Fastpitch asks pitchers and catchers to do what is right for their development and community.  We need two pitchers and two catchers per team.  The more pitchers and catchers we have the more teams we can create, thus the more girls we can accommodate in our program!


Team Formation

All teams are formed on results from tryouts.  There is no bias on who knows who, or coach input, or past play.  The committee doesn't know what the girls did in the off-season, or how they have matured, or how they may play with one coach instead of another.  Tonka Fastpitch has decided to create teams based on scores and scores alone.  The committee has the right to move girls lateral or due to other "red flags" but it has to be a whole committee vote.  Red flags may be parent requests to not be with a certain coach or other player, absences from qualifiers and/or state, siblings, etc.  However, movement is either laterally or down, never up and these red flags are noted prior to team formation.


Forming an 8U Top Team

The sport of fastpitch in Minnesota is growing and becoming more and more competitive.  There is a push for more development and organization within the younger age groups so girls are more prepared when entering 10U and 12U.  The decision to create a top team was discussed for quite some time among the fastpitch committee.  The discussion started when feedback was received by parents, coaches, and players for the need for more like-skilled teams instead of teams based solely on friend requests.  Players will have the opportunity to opt out of the opportunity to play on the top team.  The top team will be formed based off of tryout data.  Tonka Fastpitch will re-convene after the season and discuss if this is something that will continue into the next season.


Flexx Softball

Flexx Softball takes pride in evaluating softball players.  They are not affiliated with any club program.  Their goal is to gather data that will be helpful in your daughter’s development.  The data collected will provide Tonka Fastpitch with information to support team formation and enhance the growth and development of our entire program.  Each player will have her own online player locker hosted by Flexx Softball.  Personal data and progress will be scored and accessible to the players and parents.  These player lockers can be updated throughout your daughter’s softball career, and Flexx will update each time your daughter is evaluated through them.  This is a great tool to measure your player’s growth from year to year and gauge areas to improve.

In order for your daughter to have access to her scores, please create an account with Flexx Softball.

1. Go to https://minnetonkafastpitch.gemssites.com/company/index

2. Login or create a new account (you can use the same login and password for the entire family.

3. At the top of the page click, “Join Here”

4. Click on the Tonka Fastpitch logo for “2018 10U and 12U Evaluations”

5. Scroll down to “Purchase Items” and select, “Get Now”

6. A prompt will ask what player you are registering, then select “Confirm” and you should receive an email.

7. If registering multiple players, you will be able to select “Join Here” again after you have confirmed your first player.



If you have any questions regarding tryouts or team placement, please contact Kelly Wischmeier at president@tonkasoftball.org.