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Privacy Policy

Children's Privacy

To assist in maintaining the privacy of our families, we will only print generic pictures which will not be identified to a team or an event. We do intend to publish stories about the teams similar to those in the newsletter. You will be asked at a team meeting to authorize the use of your children's names in the articles. You may refuse to do so. By authorizing the use of your child's name, you are agreeing to waive any claims against the MGSA, any board member, or member of the MGSA.

Email Addresses

We will keep all email information confidential. MGSA will never rent or sell your email address to anyone.

Although we currently have no plans to send sponsor advertisements with the email notification, we reserve the right to do so at a future time. If we choose to send advertisements, we will do it in the message and never release your email address to the sponsor.


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